This policy statement sets out Emerdis commitment to working toward achieving high environmental standards across our global operations. Policy objectives confirm Emerdis commitment to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and the public whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Emerdis promotes the continual reduction of our impact on the environment by addressing the following objectives across the business:

  • Minimise pollution and consumption of fuel, energy and water
  • Reduce and dispose of waste with minimal environmental impact
  • Recycle and /or reuse wherever possible
  • Provide environmental awareness training for all employees and job specific training on environmental issues where required
  • Consider the environmental impact of business decisions & support environmental innovation
  • Encourage suppliers, agents, and contractors to acknowledge the environmental impact of their activities and support Emerdis environmental objectives

Emerdis Environmental policy is reviewed and published on an annual basis

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