We support businesses of all sizes with their logistics machinery, so whether it is a Parcel Trolley, Conveyors, Volumetric Scales or highly specified Parcel Sorting Systems, we are here to help. Our alignment with key Technology Partners means we can address the needs for Small Fulfilment Companies, Large Scale Warehouses and Logistics Carrier.

Ball Table

Conveyor solution

Demand for modern logistics are constantly evolving and this can be met through efficiency and automation. Conveyor solutions from Emerdis addresses a range of client needs and offers solutions like Gravity Conveyors, Line shaft Conveyors, Belt Conveyors and Flex Conveyors.

Static Parcel Dimension and Weight Scale

Bedal from ParcelKiosk is a cost-effective solution to capture the Dimension and Weight of a parcel. Bedal comes with easy integration tools and can be used as a counter solution for Postal Services, or as a stand-alone kiosk for label generation.

Dynamic Parcel Dimension and Weight System (DWS)

The TrueSort® from BlueCrest Inc. is an ultra-flexible solution for parcel sorting that provides outstanding throughput rates. Plus, it provides a choice of multiple sorting technologies including the tilt tray, bomb bay, push tray, shoe sorter and others. Whatever the parcel volume or characteristics, TrueSort is the right fit for the application.

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